April 20, 2014


Making Praise More Effective Part 1 – Mistakes Made When Using Praise

If you want to use praise to reach your most troubled and troublesome students you need to be aware of a few factors which can make it less effective as a classroom management strategy and as a way of connecting with students. In this teacher training video you'll discover why the usual way of using bland positive comments in the classroom to create a positive atmosphere isn't the best way to truly connect with young people and encourage positive behaviour. You'll also understand why your efforts to use praise in the past as a classroom management tool may have failed.  If you have students who are not responding to praise this video explains why. It's surprising how many teacher forget these factors ... and then wonder why praise doesn't work in the classroom. If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more please leave a comment below. In our next video (part 2) we'll go through some ways you can make praise more effective... … [Read More...]


Why Is Praise So Powerful?

Here is a quick video which explains why praise is one of your most powerful classroom management strategies.  This video was filmed in 2010 but the strategies are evergreen.  If you enjoy it and would like to see more please leave a comment in the box below. In this video you'll learn how praise (when it is used correctly) connects with students on an emotional level and why it can change their attitudes, moods and behaviour in an INSTANT. If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more please leave a comment below. … [Read More...]

student engagement

A little story about student engagement

Designing lessons and activities that are engaging for every individual in a class, whilst keeping within the framework of an academically-weighted, restrictive and overly-prescriptive curriculum is one of the most frustrating challenges facing teachers; but if you get it right it can be an excellent way of avoiding disruptive behaviour. The student who is totally and wholly immersed in an activity is not interested in messing around or disrupting anyone – there is simply no need as their attention is taken up with activity in hand. Some years ago I had an experience which made me realise the huge importance of engaging learning activities in terms of preventing problems in class… … [Read More...]


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Intervention Strategies for Classroom Behaviour Problems Download your free copy here … [Read More...]

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8 Novel Ways to Create A Positive Classroom Environment

When we think of classroom management we tend to concentrate on the negative aspects of student behaviour – on finding more and more ways to deal with time-consuming and frustrating inappropriate behaviours such as talking out of turn, arguing, not working etc. and this can, over time, create a very depressing, discouraging environment. If you watch the best teachers, those who have the best relationships with students and get the best results from them, you’ll notice they don’t do this. Instead, they focus on good behaviour; they make a point of acknowledging good behaviours in the hope they will be repeated. The following ideas will help you encourage students to behave appropriately by ‘marking the moment’ whenever they do something right and by creating a more positive, welcoming classroom environment…   … [Read More...]

Me and Poppy 1hr after birth

My new baby daughter (photos) and other news

Welcome Poppy! It was a delightful natural birth using Hypnobirth® Methods and I was thrilled to have played an active role in the whole process - it was amazing, if a little time consuming! I have spent most of the last few months learning relaxation techniques with Sally and getting to grips with birth pools and other paraphernalia so you’ll hopefully understand the silence of late. :) Having Poppy means we now have 3 children between us including my son, Joe, who is 22 and Sally’s son, Andrew, who is nearly 14. (We decided a big age gap would stop them pinching each other’s toys!) It also means we are becoming better equipped and qualified to put together some resources aimed at the parent end of the market - so stay tuned for those. More news… We have recently taken on a fantastic new designer, Dan,  to redevelop our websites and help ‘pretty-up’ our programmes and resources. The first changes you’ll see will be over at Classroom-Expert.com and I hope to unveil the new version of the … [Read More...]


Behaviour Needs Survey Results

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Something simple that quickly changes behaviour

Post by Just Fun. … [Read More...]


Old School Classroom Management (we can all learn from this!)

  Well, I don’t know about you but I think we can learn a lot from this video – despite its age I think the message about the change in approach is still 100% relevant. Anyway, if you want a more up-to-date tutorial (in colour!), together with a range of strategies to deal with TODAY’S tough students in TODAY’S tough classrooms… try this one: How to Have Complete Control in Today’s Tough Classrooms … [Read More...]

Noisy, Rowdy Students?

Watch this free video series to find out how ANY TEACHER can get SILENCE from tough groups of students in just a few minutes... CLICK HERE TO WATCH:   … [Read More...]